Dienstag, 17. April 2012

New game mode supremacy?

According to Fusible there may be a new Leauge of Legends Game Mode soon.
RIOT Games registered a diversity of domains containing League of Legends Supremacy, spellmistakes of the name and the short versions of it. And RIOT Games got the Supremacy.com and .net domain a few days ago.
This seems, like RIOT Games is planning a new game mode for League of Legends. There may be an offical news soon.

Original link: http://fusible.com/2012/04/supremacy-com-new-league-of-legends-supremacy-game-mode-is-on-its-way/

How to carry Lanes

My todays post for the How to carry series sucked hard and I will write another later the week (most likley about motivation and stuff). I just made a list of the Lane and the carry-potential:

Top Lane

In the Top Lane you will farm very much. The game is not focussed on killing the enemy but on farming creeps. You should pick a Champion with good sustain and farming abilitys. In SoloQ Top Lane is not focussed on ganking and you will need to win the Lane alone. If you are able to farm good enough you will be able to carry.
Carry potential: 8/10

Mid Lane

Here is normally the AP nuker. Mid Lane gets ganked very often normally and is a focus of fights. Try to win the Lane with killing the enemy and killing the tower and ganking BOT and TOP. If you win this Lane, you can carry easily too. 
Carry potential: 9/10

Bot Lane

Bot Lane is not focussed on ganks, but will get some. Pick Champions that can be defensive farming and aggresive killing. Here you need to get to late Game till you will be able to carry the Game.
Carry potential: 5/10


The Jungler should be able to clear the jungle very fast in order to compensate unsucessfull ganks. Try to find a good ratio between ganks and farming. Try not to get behind and try to counterjungle the enemy, so he gets behind and can't help his team. The jungler depends on the rest of the teamsetup very much, but if the situation fits he can carry very well.
Carry potential: 2-8/10

Yes you saw right, no Lane has 10/10 potential alone, it's always depending on picks, jungler and stuff. 

Sonntag, 15. April 2012

Why every new Champion is OP

As a experienced player I can tell you that nearly every new Champion that is released in LOL is overpowered. It's an easily policy from Riot Games.
First of all they need to sell the Champion, they want to make money. Since people buy overpowered Champions and not normal Champions for RP they make the Champion overpowered. Skins and Bundles sell easier with new, stronger Champions better too.
But there is a second point, most people complaining about the overpowerness of new Champion do not consider. If a champion is normal, as strong as every other Champion. Players will loose their Lane/Game with this Champion because they are inexperienced. This would let into the not playing of normal, new Champions because you would need to play a lot of Games to get even with a player who played 300 Games with a Champion. To compensate this issue new Champions are overpowered in the beginning, but get nerfed after people are used to play them.
Please stop any whine about new, "overpowered" Champions, these Champions are fine as they for the time they are overpowered they will get nerfed. It's a current fixing of overpoweredness and underpoweredness.

Samstag, 14. April 2012

The 2nd Account problem

Currently there is a rather big problem in League of Legends Low Level area. There are allot of experienced players with a second account which want to start a clean account. But these people are expecting from their mates a very good ingame performance. Now this leads to a conflict to the real new people just starting the Game. The play normal 5v5's and get flamed for just doing Newbie failures, they are just not able to play on the level of these experienced players.  This makes the Newbies maybe play versus Bots or quit the Game, only the really hard one play normal with much better people who are flaming them. Now you could say, that they should play Bot Games till they are good enough to play Normal Games, but this is wrong. You can't get good enough in Bot Games to succeed in Normal Games, everyone has to learn this Game versus human Enemies. I really see here a big trouble for new people starting LOL, they don't get the help they need, but get flamed for not being a "pro" in the Game.
A conclusion could be that you are not allowed to make a second account, but I don't see the point in the surveillance of this. It would be a much higher workload and finally everyone could claim that second brother who's account it is.
I don't really have a answer but the understanding of the new players situation.Experienced players should try to teach the Newbies and forgive failures. At the End everybody was sometime new to the Game.

Freitag, 13. April 2012

How to deal with "me mid or afk"

How do you handle with guys who call "me mid or afk" in Ranked Games?
I just found another guy like this in the Game, he was last pick and of course others wanted mid, too. How do you handle this guys? Do you not pick mid as first/second pick, even if you want to pick mid or do you let this guy get mid and let them their ignorant will or do you ignore them and get into the risk of them going afk and you loose the game. I always report this people after the game, cause they are just failers maybe not in the game but in communication.

The Options are:

1. Just normal pick the Game and ignore this guy, he wants to win too. He will not go afk or the risk is worth it since this kind of people do not deserve a win.
2. Give him the pick and may win the game, but let this guy a undeserved win.
Just report these guys for miscommunication, AFK or other things always cause if they do not get any consequence of their behavior they will always ruin peoples games.

What do you do?

League of Legends Top 5 Fails Week 33

League of Legends Top 5 Fails Week 33 

I want to show you another great episode of the weekly Top 5 Fails series from jumpinthepack. Enjoy great fails

Dienstag, 10. April 2012

How to carry? Part 1

Hey Guys,

I want you to introduce you my new weekly series "How to carry?". I will give you tips on how to raise your ELO and carry your team to the victory. This part 1 covers the picking phase of the game. The basis is always a Ranked Game with Draft Pick.

They are a few things to remember. Counter picking the enemy is probably one of the most important things of the game. But not only counter picking your opponent should your goal in the picking phase. If you have a really bad team combo and the enemy has a very good one, but you countered every Lane it's not worth it since you will loose nearly every team fight. You always should consider the complete composition of your team. This is including Masteries, Summoner Spells and Runes. For example if the enemy has a hard-late-game-ad carry you should at least consider on exhaust on your team as basic, another example is the less pick of ignite versus a enemy with very strong heals. Runes and Masteries should aim on your lane-opponent as well as your team, if tankiness is needed (i.e. early drake fights) you should pick these, if you need the 21/0/9 on your lane then pick these.

In short:

1. Start picking with your Support (it's rarely that the support can be counterpicked hard) or some must-have champion.
2. Counterpick the enemy picks or pick champions you consider basic for your teamcombisition
3. Choose Summoner Spells global, but depending on your lane too.
4. Masteries and Runes are only helpfull early game. Try to win your lane with it, but keep in mind, that your team will maybe need a tank or a damage dealer.
5. Try to convince your team to invade the enemy early or deffend your own jungle.
6. Coordinate anything as early as possible to avert misscomunication and fail decisions.

I add a popular counterpick list, which can be helpfull to decide which champion you pick. But bear in mind that you always should only pick champions you are familiar to play in Ranked games. NEVER ever try any new champion in Ranked, since nobody else will do so and you will get destroyed.

Link to the counterpicklist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AvNgb3Hyfy3xdHJWZFpQTTFLb3RfWGstQTBxcFJINUE&toomany=true#gid=0

League of Legends Top 5 Fails Week 32


Today a new Episode of the Top 5 Fails weekly series Week 32 has been published. As always it's a really great collection of Fails.

Montag, 9. April 2012

IPL4 Las Vegas - League of Legends - Final Day 3

CLG wins over Dignitas with 2 : 0

CLG won both games basically with their split pushing strategy. With HotshotGG on Cho'Gath and Nidalee with Teleport they had a very mobile team. They managed to ignore early game advantage from Dignitas and split them to get towers and finally the game.

TSM wins IPL4 vs CLG

Because CLG came from the Looserbracket they needed to win two best-of-three's (Bo3) to get Champion.
CLG managed to really stomp TSM in the first Bo3. TSM never had any chance of getting both games in their favor. Saintvicious jungle and HotshotGG's Top lane won this games very easily.
Now there was the extended Championship. Both games here where really close. In Game 1 Reginald was able to kill Bigfatlp early and after this with an advantage to kill HotshotGG. As TSM grouped up Mid-Lane, Doublelift was able to get an Inhibitor for nothing. But after this CLG split pushing strategy did not work as well as expected. TSM managed to kill saintvicious and Doublelift and finish the game.
In Game 2 Doublelift dominated Botlane resulting 3:0 stats and an early Tower. Despite this fact, Dyrus was able to dominate HotshotGG on the Top lane with the help of early ganks. As the game was going and CLG lost 2 drakes, it was clear that Dyrus winning the Toplane was more effect able on the Game as Doublelift winning Botlane. TSM got Baron after getting Chauster with an Ashe arrow. As TSM slowly poked down CLG's Inhibtor turrents, CLG engaged and lost two members. As a final fight HotshotGG, Bigfatlp and Chauster tried to beat the whole team of TSM but failed and TSM finished the game.

You can find all videos from the games here.

Sonntag, 8. April 2012

Amazing Youtubevideo - Bubble pop parody

Hey guys,

I found this video doing a parody of the lots of bubble pop played at IPL4 livestream and Dyrus Toplane with his pillow. enjoy:


IPL4 Las Vegas - League of Legends - Day 2

Lower Round 1.1: aAa vs Monomaniac | 0 : 2

 Mm started both with a very aggressive gameplay for the buffs from aAa. While aAa was able to counterjungle too, mM controlled the Dragon. The gold lead in Game 1 was to strong for aAa to come back and in the second game mM could easily do Baron while AP and AD Carry of aAa where Bot-Lane.

Lower Round 1.2: v8 vs Epik | 2 : 0

In Game 1 v8 managed to get dragon control in a passive game and with dragon they won this game very one sided. In Game 2 v8 played very aggressive and Epik gave 2 kills to v8 within the first minutes.

Lower Round 2.1: Curse vs Mm | 1 : 2

While Curse won Game 1 easy, Mm managed to win Game 2 and 3 with an aggressive counter jungle.

Lower Round 2.2: CLG vs v8 | 2 : 0

Game 1 was probably the most one sided game in the tournament, with a great team play of CLG with countinous swapping of Top and Bot-Lane.
Game 2 was very close. v8 based on TreeEskimo split pushing Top with Sion and coming in with Teleport, after CLG killed Sion they took Baron. Then both Teams tried a base race. Because of TreeEskimos death he was in his own base as they base raced. This resulted in TreeEskimos death and after this 4 members of CLG ported back and managed to Ace v8 and finish the game.

Lower Semi-final: CLG vs Mm | 2 : 0

HotshotGG was able to shutdown Mm's Top and Jungle early with resulted in a slight advantage of CLG which finally led to the victory of CLG.  Game 2 was even more onsided, Mm was only able to kill HotshotGG one time, while CLG got 21 kills.

Winner Bracket Final: Dignitas vs TSM | 1 : 2

While TSM managed to get Game 1 in their favour, Dignitas won all Lanes in Game resulting them into a big gold lead. TSM managed to pick up Baron for free, but at the second Baron TSM lost the fight and surrendered. In Game 3 TSM camped Top resulting Voyboy in loose his lane hard, then TSM tried to trap Dignitas but got killed 2 for 5. Short after this TSM aced Dignitas for 3 of them and 4 for 2 at a Dragon fight. Dignitas took Baron with loosing just Taric and Nocturne. But after another 10 minutes TSM killed 2 of Dignitas and took Baron and mid Inhibitor. After TSM done Bottom Inhibtor they did a nice engage on Dignitas with focussing Kog'maw and Anivia fast down.

You can find all videos from the games and the following livestream here. Please come back tomorrow for a coverage of Day 3 and Lower Bracket finals and the Championship:

Lower Bracket Final: Dignitas vs CLG

Championship: TSM vs Winner of Lower Bracket Final

Samstag, 7. April 2012

League of Legends - Hecarim Patch Preview

I am looking forward to the Hecarim patch, which will bring us some gameplay changed and bugfixes (Teemo's E Spell gets fixed). I don't won't spoil anything, just watch it.

IPL4 Las Vegas - League of Legends - Day 1

Dignitas vs Mono | 2 :1

While Monomanaic eSports was able to get the first game in their favor with a great jungle Olaf, Dignitas managed to get both second and third game in their favor with both times one late teamfight were the won a nearly impossible fight.

Team SoloMid vs v8 | 2 : 0

In the first game TSM started to play aggresivly with TheOddOne on jungle Shyvana counterjungleing Maokai. Through this aggresive Play, firstblood was given in the enemy jungle to Reginald on Galio mid. While Bot-Lane was early won from Tristana and Janna from v8, after several towers from TreeEskimo (Vladimir) stomping Dyrus on Olaf and Reginald. Chaox and XSpecial (Kog'maw and Sona) were winning bot, too. This lead into the first game for TSM.
In the second game v8 managed to kill Reginald (Kennen) and Dyrus (Singed) early as they tried to invade. But in this game, the Bot Lane from TSM was able to win and with several good ganks from TheOddOne (Nocturne) TSM turned the game.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Against All Authoirity | 2 : 0

With Twisted Fate Mid-Lane, Nocture Jungle, Nidalee Top and Ezreal Bot, aAa had a very powerful global ultimate Team. Unfortunally aAa was not able to kill more then one before the first 20 minutes, which led into the much more powerful lategame of CLG's team. In the second Game, CLG just outplayed aAa very strong and showed their strong offline-strength.

Epik vs Curse | 0 : 2

Even with the recently changed roster of Epik, they were able to win early game in both games. But Curse was able to turn the game in their favor in mid and lategame. They showed much more Teamplay which led them into victory.  

Semifinal 1: Dignitas vs CLG | 2 : 1

All three matches were very close. Despite CLG managed to win the first game with a early doublekill at their own bluebuff for bigfatlp's Anivia, Dignitaswon the other to games with once a new "three support strategy" (picking Soraka Midlane, Lulu Toplane and Janna Support) and a very aggresive push-Game.

Semifinal 2: Curse vs TSM | 0 : 2

With some reall god fights for TSM (3 for 0, 4 for 1 and baron), TSM dominated Curse in the first game. The second games was led by Curse with a firs blood on Dyrus with Karthus ultimate and a dragon after this. But after TSM won a Baron fight, the game was in TSM favor and the managed to win the game.

You can find all videos from the games and the following livestream here. Please come back tomorrow for a coverage of Day 2 and the following matches:

10:00 Lower Round: 1.1: aAa vs Mono
10:00 Lower Round: 1.2: v8 vs. Epik

14:00 Lower Round: 2.1: Curse vs TBD
14:00 Lower Round: 2.2: CLG vs TBD
18:00 Lower Semi-final: TBD vs TBD
18:00 Winner Bracked Final: Dignitas vs TSM
times are GMT -7

Freitag, 6. April 2012

IPL4 starts in few hours and new Top 5 Plays video

I want to remind you that IPL4 will start in about 4 hours. Schedule, livestream and more information can be found here. I will do a coverage of every day, too.

Besides the great Top 5 Fail series, there is a Top 5 Play series. The series is weekly and can be found here.

Donnerstag, 5. April 2012

Theorycraft: Evelynn the Widowmaker

Today I found some interesting threads on reddit and league of legends forum. This made me to do some Theorycraft what to change, to get her viable again.
To get started, we need to think about, how Evelynn is played. She is an Assassin, this means she comes from the invisblity and has fast strong damage output, which decreases the longer she stays in fight.

Looking at her basic stats (which can be found here) show us, that she is not weaker than i.e. fiddlesticks or twitch (twitch is a common jungler).
The conclusion is, that it's not her basic stats, but her spells, which make her weak.You find her complete skillset here:

Determined Killer (Passiv): Damage received from enemy minions (not jungle monsters) is reduced by 50%. 

Her passive is useless for her playstyle. The scaling in the lategame of damage reduction against enemy minions, if they are not jungle monsters, is just not helpfull at all. A change into less damage from jungle monster (including/excluding baron and drake) for about 10-30% would make her jungle very well.

Hate Spike (Q spell): Instantly spikes the closest enemy unit dealing magic damage and 50% of that damage to a secondary nearby target.Cooldown: 0.8 seconds. Range: 200.Magic Damage To Main Target: 25 / 40 / 55 / 70 / 85 (+0.42 per ability power)

Hate Spike is the spell I consider as the main problem of Evelynn, while all other spells tend to give a fast damage and high cooldown, this spell is a less damage and low cooldown spell. It just not fits into Evelynns playstyle. I would consider a remake of this spell into anything, which fits better in the playstyle of an Assasin. Maybe some AoE (Area of Effect) spell, which has a higher cooldown and more damage.

Shadow Walk  (W spell): After 1.5 second delay, that is increased further by taking damage, Evelynn enters stealth for some time. Evelynn's next attack or damage ability will slow her target for 3 seconds, instantly ending her stealth. Evelynn can cast Shadow Walk while stealthed to destealth.
Slow: 30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50%

Shadow Walk, which made Evelynn overpowered in first place because of his strong stun, is now only a very very low slow. 30% slow on level 1 ist just nothing, because of this you would need to level up this spell, to gank successful which would led into less damage. An adjustment of maybe 5 to 10 percent would make this spell stronger.

Ravage (E spell): Deals magic damage to target unit and reduces the target's armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 9 seconds. Range: 400. Magic Damage: 80 / 135 / 190 / 255 / 320 (+1.0 per ability power)

In my opinion Ravage is a good spell for Evelynn, which fits into her playstyle.

Malice and Spite (Ultimate): 
Passive: Each time Evelynn scores a kill or assist, she recovers 150/225/300 health.
Active: Evelynn gains 25/50/75% attack speed and 20/25/30% movement speed for 10 seconds (non-stacking, can cast while stealthed). If an enemy champion dies, this ability's cooldown is refreshed. No Cost.

Malice and Spite ist Evelynns ultimate Spell and again something which really fits into her playstyle of an Assassin.

Please leave your comments and thoughts below.

Gameplay Improvement

Today I want you to introduce to SharK's weekly series called Playing to Win. He basically introduces you to high elo play and some other cool stuf. This week his content is: 
- The Bubblegum Reaction
- Microplays
- Macroplays


Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

League of Legends Top 5 Fail Games Week 31

I want to promote the Leauge of Legends Top 5 Fail series from jumpinthepack. He is a great doing a great series. I will promote this weekly series weekly (as obvious).

42+ Tips for new and old players

Today I found on reddit an interesting thread about 42+ Tips for new and olf players from HowFortuitous. The thread can be found here. Most of the tips should be known by any average player, but some of them are if know not widley used. To get a better gameplay and a better ingame-experience you should try to use some, if not all of the tips.

Dienstag, 3. April 2012

IPL4 this weekend @LasVegas

this weekend IPL4 will be in Las Vegas. Teams like Dingitas, CLG, aAa, TSM, EPIK, Curse and v8 will be fighting for $50K.

It will start at Friday morning. Here is the Schedule for the game:


  • 10:00 am – 1:50 pm: Dignitas vs Mono
  • 10:00 am – 1:50 pm: Team SoloMid vs v8
  • 2:00 pm – 5:50 pm: Counter Logic Gaming vs Against All Authoirity
  • 2:00 pm – 5:50 pm: Epik vs Curse
  • 6:00 pm – 9:50 pm: W1 vs W2
  • 6:00 pm – 9:50 pm: W3 vs W4


  • 10:00 am – 1:50 pm: L1 vs L2
  • 10:00 am – 1:50 pm: L3 vs L4
  • 2:00 pm – 5:50 pm: L8 vs L5
  • 2:00 pm – 5:50 pm: L6 vs L7
  • 6:00 pm – 9:50 pm: L9 vs L10
  • 6:00 pm – 9:50 pm: Winners Finals


  • 10:00 am – 1:50 pm: Losers Finals
  • 2:00 pm – 5:50 pm: Grand Finals
  • 6:00 pm – 9:50 pm: Grand Finals (Extended Series, If Needed)
You can check out the livestream (twitch.tv) at  http://www.ign.com/ipl/tv?screens=ipllol%28twitch%29&f=league-of-legends
the commentators of the IPL series are alway very good.

Montag, 2. April 2012

Streamerspotlight: GuardsmanBob

GuardsmanBob is a professional League of Legends player, who is streaming on nearly daily basis. You can find his stream on own3d.tv or his website guardsmanbob.com.

Play like GuardsmanBob!

He is probaly one of the best role models I can think of, how you should play. What do I mean with this?
He is a calm player who is never flaming or anything else. He is taking the game as a game, and he never plays with a bad mood. While this, he is actually talking with his team only about import aspects of the game and nothing more. He is not the guy who calls GG after champion pick.
Be like GuardsmanBob, visit his stream and get a better player and get elo.

League of Legends Top 5 Fail Games

I want to promote the Leauge of Legends Top 5 Fail series from jumpinthepack. He is a great doing a great series. I will promote this weekly series weekly (as obvious).


To make it short, there is no elo-hell in league of legends. If someone is better than his current elo, his elo will rise. The only problem with this system is, that its not designed for five versus five and there is a random factor in it: the other 4 people in your team and the five people in the other team. There is just this random factor in it, which makes it hard to win. Basically you raise elo when you do well in most of your games and not in only more than half of your games.

What's your opinion on this? Comment please

My first Blog entry, and about this Blog will be!

Ok. lets gets started, I will write about all internet related-stuff, like great websites, online tricks and mainly competive internet-gaming in league of legends.

To get started I will introduce you to the game: League of Legends (LOL)

LOL is an online, team based, multiplayer experience which pits two teams of 5 player controlled champions against one another. The goal is to kill the enemy Nexus. Well just check the website out, I'm not going to tell you how the game basically works, learn this by yourself.