Samstag, 14. April 2012

The 2nd Account problem

Currently there is a rather big problem in League of Legends Low Level area. There are allot of experienced players with a second account which want to start a clean account. But these people are expecting from their mates a very good ingame performance. Now this leads to a conflict to the real new people just starting the Game. The play normal 5v5's and get flamed for just doing Newbie failures, they are just not able to play on the level of these experienced players.  This makes the Newbies maybe play versus Bots or quit the Game, only the really hard one play normal with much better people who are flaming them. Now you could say, that they should play Bot Games till they are good enough to play Normal Games, but this is wrong. You can't get good enough in Bot Games to succeed in Normal Games, everyone has to learn this Game versus human Enemies. I really see here a big trouble for new people starting LOL, they don't get the help they need, but get flamed for not being a "pro" in the Game.
A conclusion could be that you are not allowed to make a second account, but I don't see the point in the surveillance of this. It would be a much higher workload and finally everyone could claim that second brother who's account it is.
I don't really have a answer but the understanding of the new players situation.Experienced players should try to teach the Newbies and forgive failures. At the End everybody was sometime new to the Game.

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  1. I used to smurf, then i started feeling bad so I stopped for the sake of the new players. Long live LoL!