Freitag, 13. April 2012

How to deal with "me mid or afk"

How do you handle with guys who call "me mid or afk" in Ranked Games?
I just found another guy like this in the Game, he was last pick and of course others wanted mid, too. How do you handle this guys? Do you not pick mid as first/second pick, even if you want to pick mid or do you let this guy get mid and let them their ignorant will or do you ignore them and get into the risk of them going afk and you loose the game. I always report this people after the game, cause they are just failers maybe not in the game but in communication.

The Options are:

1. Just normal pick the Game and ignore this guy, he wants to win too. He will not go afk or the risk is worth it since this kind of people do not deserve a win.
2. Give him the pick and may win the game, but let this guy a undeserved win.
Just report these guys for miscommunication, AFK or other things always cause if they do not get any consequence of their behavior they will always ruin peoples games.

What do you do?

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  1. I usually just give them mid and mind my own lane. Always report them afterwards though, they usually get some kind of punishment as they do it in various games.