Montag, 9. April 2012

IPL4 Las Vegas - League of Legends - Final Day 3

CLG wins over Dignitas with 2 : 0

CLG won both games basically with their split pushing strategy. With HotshotGG on Cho'Gath and Nidalee with Teleport they had a very mobile team. They managed to ignore early game advantage from Dignitas and split them to get towers and finally the game.

TSM wins IPL4 vs CLG

Because CLG came from the Looserbracket they needed to win two best-of-three's (Bo3) to get Champion.
CLG managed to really stomp TSM in the first Bo3. TSM never had any chance of getting both games in their favor. Saintvicious jungle and HotshotGG's Top lane won this games very easily.
Now there was the extended Championship. Both games here where really close. In Game 1 Reginald was able to kill Bigfatlp early and after this with an advantage to kill HotshotGG. As TSM grouped up Mid-Lane, Doublelift was able to get an Inhibitor for nothing. But after this CLG split pushing strategy did not work as well as expected. TSM managed to kill saintvicious and Doublelift and finish the game.
In Game 2 Doublelift dominated Botlane resulting 3:0 stats and an early Tower. Despite this fact, Dyrus was able to dominate HotshotGG on the Top lane with the help of early ganks. As the game was going and CLG lost 2 drakes, it was clear that Dyrus winning the Toplane was more effect able on the Game as Doublelift winning Botlane. TSM got Baron after getting Chauster with an Ashe arrow. As TSM slowly poked down CLG's Inhibtor turrents, CLG engaged and lost two members. As a final fight HotshotGG, Bigfatlp and Chauster tried to beat the whole team of TSM but failed and TSM finished the game.

You can find all videos from the games here.