Sonntag, 8. April 2012

IPL4 Las Vegas - League of Legends - Day 2

Lower Round 1.1: aAa vs Monomaniac | 0 : 2

 Mm started both with a very aggressive gameplay for the buffs from aAa. While aAa was able to counterjungle too, mM controlled the Dragon. The gold lead in Game 1 was to strong for aAa to come back and in the second game mM could easily do Baron while AP and AD Carry of aAa where Bot-Lane.

Lower Round 1.2: v8 vs Epik | 2 : 0

In Game 1 v8 managed to get dragon control in a passive game and with dragon they won this game very one sided. In Game 2 v8 played very aggressive and Epik gave 2 kills to v8 within the first minutes.

Lower Round 2.1: Curse vs Mm | 1 : 2

While Curse won Game 1 easy, Mm managed to win Game 2 and 3 with an aggressive counter jungle.

Lower Round 2.2: CLG vs v8 | 2 : 0

Game 1 was probably the most one sided game in the tournament, with a great team play of CLG with countinous swapping of Top and Bot-Lane.
Game 2 was very close. v8 based on TreeEskimo split pushing Top with Sion and coming in with Teleport, after CLG killed Sion they took Baron. Then both Teams tried a base race. Because of TreeEskimos death he was in his own base as they base raced. This resulted in TreeEskimos death and after this 4 members of CLG ported back and managed to Ace v8 and finish the game.

Lower Semi-final: CLG vs Mm | 2 : 0

HotshotGG was able to shutdown Mm's Top and Jungle early with resulted in a slight advantage of CLG which finally led to the victory of CLG.  Game 2 was even more onsided, Mm was only able to kill HotshotGG one time, while CLG got 21 kills.

Winner Bracket Final: Dignitas vs TSM | 1 : 2

While TSM managed to get Game 1 in their favour, Dignitas won all Lanes in Game resulting them into a big gold lead. TSM managed to pick up Baron for free, but at the second Baron TSM lost the fight and surrendered. In Game 3 TSM camped Top resulting Voyboy in loose his lane hard, then TSM tried to trap Dignitas but got killed 2 for 5. Short after this TSM aced Dignitas for 3 of them and 4 for 2 at a Dragon fight. Dignitas took Baron with loosing just Taric and Nocturne. But after another 10 minutes TSM killed 2 of Dignitas and took Baron and mid Inhibitor. After TSM done Bottom Inhibtor they did a nice engage on Dignitas with focussing Kog'maw and Anivia fast down.

You can find all videos from the games and the following livestream here. Please come back tomorrow for a coverage of Day 3 and Lower Bracket finals and the Championship:

Lower Bracket Final: Dignitas vs CLG

Championship: TSM vs Winner of Lower Bracket Final


  1. Curse vs Mm game 2...legendary comeback!

    1. sadly I was not able to see the game but Mm just did very well in general I think

  2. CLG in lower bracket? Woot, thought they will crush everything