Samstag, 7. April 2012

IPL4 Las Vegas - League of Legends - Day 1

Dignitas vs Mono | 2 :1

While Monomanaic eSports was able to get the first game in their favor with a great jungle Olaf, Dignitas managed to get both second and third game in their favor with both times one late teamfight were the won a nearly impossible fight.

Team SoloMid vs v8 | 2 : 0

In the first game TSM started to play aggresivly with TheOddOne on jungle Shyvana counterjungleing Maokai. Through this aggresive Play, firstblood was given in the enemy jungle to Reginald on Galio mid. While Bot-Lane was early won from Tristana and Janna from v8, after several towers from TreeEskimo (Vladimir) stomping Dyrus on Olaf and Reginald. Chaox and XSpecial (Kog'maw and Sona) were winning bot, too. This lead into the first game for TSM.
In the second game v8 managed to kill Reginald (Kennen) and Dyrus (Singed) early as they tried to invade. But in this game, the Bot Lane from TSM was able to win and with several good ganks from TheOddOne (Nocturne) TSM turned the game.

Counter Logic Gaming vs Against All Authoirity | 2 : 0

With Twisted Fate Mid-Lane, Nocture Jungle, Nidalee Top and Ezreal Bot, aAa had a very powerful global ultimate Team. Unfortunally aAa was not able to kill more then one before the first 20 minutes, which led into the much more powerful lategame of CLG's team. In the second Game, CLG just outplayed aAa very strong and showed their strong offline-strength.

Epik vs Curse | 0 : 2

Even with the recently changed roster of Epik, they were able to win early game in both games. But Curse was able to turn the game in their favor in mid and lategame. They showed much more Teamplay which led them into victory.  

Semifinal 1: Dignitas vs CLG | 2 : 1

All three matches were very close. Despite CLG managed to win the first game with a early doublekill at their own bluebuff for bigfatlp's Anivia, Dignitaswon the other to games with once a new "three support strategy" (picking Soraka Midlane, Lulu Toplane and Janna Support) and a very aggresive push-Game.

Semifinal 2: Curse vs TSM | 0 : 2

With some reall god fights for TSM (3 for 0, 4 for 1 and baron), TSM dominated Curse in the first game. The second games was led by Curse with a firs blood on Dyrus with Karthus ultimate and a dragon after this. But after TSM won a Baron fight, the game was in TSM favor and the managed to win the game.

You can find all videos from the games and the following livestream here. Please come back tomorrow for a coverage of Day 2 and the following matches:

10:00 Lower Round: 1.1: aAa vs Mono
10:00 Lower Round: 1.2: v8 vs. Epik

14:00 Lower Round: 2.1: Curse vs TBD
14:00 Lower Round: 2.2: CLG vs TBD
18:00 Lower Semi-final: TBD vs TBD
18:00 Winner Bracked Final: Dignitas vs TSM
times are GMT -7


  1. watched some of the games, good stuff

  2. TSM is awesome! Ive seen them playin last time in the tournament