Montag, 2. April 2012

Streamerspotlight: GuardsmanBob

GuardsmanBob is a professional League of Legends player, who is streaming on nearly daily basis. You can find his stream on or his website

Play like GuardsmanBob!

He is probaly one of the best role models I can think of, how you should play. What do I mean with this?
He is a calm player who is never flaming or anything else. He is taking the game as a game, and he never plays with a bad mood. While this, he is actually talking with his team only about import aspects of the game and nothing more. He is not the guy who calls GG after champion pick.
Be like GuardsmanBob, visit his stream and get a better player and get elo.


  1. Im playing lol, but never heard about him

  2. cool ill be sure to check him out learn from the master me thinks.

  3. I used to watch Guardsman Bob all the time, but now I don't. Other streamers are just more fun to watch nowadays.

    Also, follow me back and click

  4. I've always been more of a HoN guy. Although I have given LoL a fair chance, I have to admit HoN suits me better. LoL still is a great game, and HoN players can really learn a thing or two from them. Watching players as good as this is always a joy. If you could recommend any more players, you can let me know.

  5. Think i start playling LoL right now.

  6. This is a great guide! Im defiantly following.