Dienstag, 10. April 2012

How to carry? Part 1

Hey Guys,

I want you to introduce you my new weekly series "How to carry?". I will give you tips on how to raise your ELO and carry your team to the victory. This part 1 covers the picking phase of the game. The basis is always a Ranked Game with Draft Pick.

They are a few things to remember. Counter picking the enemy is probably one of the most important things of the game. But not only counter picking your opponent should your goal in the picking phase. If you have a really bad team combo and the enemy has a very good one, but you countered every Lane it's not worth it since you will loose nearly every team fight. You always should consider the complete composition of your team. This is including Masteries, Summoner Spells and Runes. For example if the enemy has a hard-late-game-ad carry you should at least consider on exhaust on your team as basic, another example is the less pick of ignite versus a enemy with very strong heals. Runes and Masteries should aim on your lane-opponent as well as your team, if tankiness is needed (i.e. early drake fights) you should pick these, if you need the 21/0/9 on your lane then pick these.

In short:

1. Start picking with your Support (it's rarely that the support can be counterpicked hard) or some must-have champion.
2. Counterpick the enemy picks or pick champions you consider basic for your teamcombisition
3. Choose Summoner Spells global, but depending on your lane too.
4. Masteries and Runes are only helpfull early game. Try to win your lane with it, but keep in mind, that your team will maybe need a tank or a damage dealer.
5. Try to convince your team to invade the enemy early or deffend your own jungle.
6. Coordinate anything as early as possible to avert misscomunication and fail decisions.

I add a popular counterpick list, which can be helpfull to decide which champion you pick. But bear in mind that you always should only pick champions you are familiar to play in Ranked games. NEVER ever try any new champion in Ranked, since nobody else will do so and you will get destroyed.

Link to the counterpicklist: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/lv?key=0AvNgb3Hyfy3xdHJWZFpQTTFLb3RfWGstQTBxcFJINUE&toomany=true#gid=0